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Good evening

Just a quick note that has moved to a new host server.   in theory everything moved over but if you have recently signed up you might want to double check your login.    I have deleted a number of bogus users and hopefully no one that was legit.   I will be upgrading this site soon to a newer version of software.


Allan R. Batteiger


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Good afternoon

I have now installed and enabled syndication on this site.  This will enable you to be notified of changes, without the need to check this site every few days.


Allan R. Batteiger


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The DFW Ham Radio Interoperability group was establish by the DFW cross county Bioterrorism/Public Health Emergency Preparedness meeting on April 8th of 2011.   One of the concerns of this group was that while each county had a relationship with the Amateur Radio community,  some had a better working relationship than others and the operating practices of each county were different.  The Cross County group decided that a group needed to be established to work out common practices, procedures, and working relationships so they could support each other if the need came up.   The initial group was focused on Health / MRC issues.   Since then the group has been asked to consider operations other than Health / MRC.   This groups meets monthly and reports to the DFW cross county Bioterrorism/Public Health Emergency Preparedness group.


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DFW Ham Radio Interoperability Group (DFW_HRIG) promotes the sharing of resources and technology for the achievement of amateur radio emcomm interoperability in North Central Texas.

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The DFW Ham Radio Interop group has been working on a standardized Frequency list to support Emergency Communications.

The purpose of this list is to insure our members have the basic set of repeaters programmed and ready to use.   This is NOT a list of all DFW area repeaters, this is a list of repeaters in the 4 counties plus the surrounding counties ARES / RACES repeaters and their backup or alternate repeaters.

This list is broken into several sections:

Section 1 channels 1-20, these are for local agency use ( i.e. your local ARES / RACES / Emcomm group may have their repeaters listed in this section.).

Section 2 channels 21-75 VHF repeaters.

Section 3 channels 75-99  UHF repeaters

Section 4 Channel 100-129  VHF simplex frequencies, this section has has 2 sub sections  Digital (Winlink) starts at Channel 120 & APRS Starts at Channel 125.

Section 5 Channel 130-150 UHF Simplex.

The list is in CSV format ( text, Comma Separated Values). The list was developed and tested using CHIRP .  This software will program most VHF/UHF radios currently on the market.  The link below will give you most of the information on supported hardware.  The list are the same except the first 5 channels have been setup per each counties requested first 5 channels.   These list have been tested, but changes do occur, if you find an error please let me know and I will update the master list.

Allan R. Batteiger


Collin County HS/MRC Amateur Radio Coordinator

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